• Lobbying the USSR
  • Iraqi Cabinet

    Just another day at MUN!

  • Iraqi Cabinet 2

    Writing directives on the cabinet of Saddam Hussein!

  • Chuck Norris on the Iraqi Cabinet

    This is where Chuck Norris enters the room...

  • Through the window to the Pakistani Cabinet

    This photo was taken at NUMUN 2013.

  • Speaking at NUMUN

    The dramatic silhouette of a CMC member speaking at NUMUN 2013.

  • Presenting a resolution on the UNEP
  • Press Release!

    A member of the African Union gives information to the press.

  • Speaking on the Yeltsin Cabinet

    A magnificently eloquent speaker persuades the cabinet of Boris Yeltsin to interrogate ministers.

  • Giving a speech to ECLAC
  • Listening to speeches on SOCHUM

    (pronounced so-chum)

  • A Large Committee

    MUNUC is known for its large committees...

  • Addressing the WHO

    Who? Jokes about the WHO abound in Model UN.

  • Preparing for a speech

    A dramatic portrait of a delegate mentally calibrating in preparation for speaking.

  • Being Nerdy

    A nerdy kid looking at the camera at MUNUC 2013.

  • Speaking on the ATF

    A speaker gives a speech on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

  • Lobbying in Low Resolution

    A Lo-Fi picture of delegates lobbying on ECLAC.

  • Lobbying on the WHO

    A photo of delegates writing and debating resolutions on the World Health Organization.

  • Singing Old Favorites with Ryan Villenueva

    of Best Delegate at MUNUC 2013!

  • Last meeting of Spring 2013!

    Here\\\'s a photo of our last Club meeting of the 2012-2013 school year!

  • Hanging During A Meeting

    CMC members laugh at something during a meeting.

  • Having a great time on the UNGA!
  • Caucusing on the General Assembly!
  • Having a Good Time at MUNUC!

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