The Northern Illinois Model United Nations (NIMUN) is a middle school Model UN conference hosted by the Chicagoland Model United Nations Club. What began as a fundraising project became became a co2014-11-19 13.53.56mmitment to address an absence of MUN opportunities for middle schoolers in the Chicago area. NIMUN is now the largest active Model UN conference for middle school students in the Midwest, with over 120 students attending our fourth annual conference in November of 2014. We remain committed to promoting the values of global awareness and activism and teaching students about international relations, history, and global humanitarian issues. We look forward to working with your students to help them hone their skills in cooperative conflict resolution, writing and research, and public speaking in the fun and exciting atmosphere of a Model UN conference.  Our preparations for NIMUN V are underway, and it promises to be an exciting and memorable experience for all those involved. NIMUN V will offer five committees: the Disarmament and International Security (First) Committee of the UN General Assembly (50 students, 10 double delegations), the African Union (30 students), the UN Security Council (15 students), the Russian Cabinet (15 students), and the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (30 students).  We will continue to expand our curricular materials, once again including a step-by-step Curriculum Handbook, to ensure that your students are fully prepared for the challenges the day will bring. We will also offer instructional workshops prior to the conference for interested schools, with subject material ranging for negotiations to Model UN documents.

Attend NIMUN

This year’s conference will take place on Friday, November 13, 2015 from about 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. We will once again conduct NIMUN with our gracious hosts at the Chicago History Museum, a terrific facility perfectly suited for the event.  We anticipate the following fee structure:

$30.00 per student

$10.00 school registration fee (we require 1 advisor for every 10 students)

If you’re interested in attending NIMUN, please contact NIMUN III Secretary-General Jasper Gilley at secretarygeneral at nimunweb dot com. Registration will open on Monday, September 3rd. Our NIMUN V Registrar will contact you with registration materials and further details two weeks prior to that date. Until then, please feel free to contact Jasper with any questions, concerns, or comments; we are extremely grateful for your feedback, and we’ll do everything we can to act on your suggestions or requests.

Volunteer at NIMUN

We are also currently accepting volunteers for NIMUN V. This is an excellent opportunity to gain or develop Model UN experience through helping behind-the-scenes at a conference; learn about international relations in an educational and fun environment; earn community service hours; build your resumes and send a positive signal to potential employers, teachers, mentors, and family through your volunteer commitment; work with a diverse group of people; improve your interpersonal and communication skills; and boost your confidence with the sense of accomplishment fostered through service!  A variety of volunteer positions are available. Volunteers will need to attend a training session and participate in other pre-conference meetings. Volunteers will be provided with lunch on the day of the conference.  If you are interested in volunteering at NIMUN IV, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer.coordinator at nimunweb dot com. Again, we are in the recruitment process, so if any of your peers are interested in volunteering, feel free to give them that email address or send it to them. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator or Secretary General (secretarygeneral at nimunweb dot com) with any questions or comments about volunteering at NIMUN V.  For more information about NIMUN, visit  You can also find CMC on Facebook or on Twitter (@chicagolandmun).


Everyone seemed very detailed, smart and extremely devoted to the conference. I really had so much fun and I wish there were more conferences to attend. I will most definitely be at the conference next fall.

-Francis W. Parker School Advisor

The staff was extremely helpful. They guided students’ responses well, knew their subject matter thoroughly, and the whole conference ran smoothly because of their preparedness.

-St. Clement School Advisor

This is a group of intellectually serious, highly motivated, immensely talented, reflective, and very hard working individuals. They are reliable, meet deadlines and work well together as a team. Their goal is to enhance the experience of interested middle school students in this area. They are fully prepared, capable and will deliver an enjoyable, age appropriate, pedagogically stimulating conference. If you have students who are interested in this area of study, they will benefit from their exposure to, and interaction with this very, very special group of teens.

-Shayle Miller, M.D.